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Some winter warmers to expect when staying with us

12 Jun

Some winter warmers to expect when staying with us.

Last week we covered tips on packing for winter travel to the Free State, this week we decided to let you know what we have at City Living boutique Hotel to keep you warm during your stay with us.

Let’s start with the basics…


Some fun facts about Air conditioning

  • Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner in 1902, for the sole purpose of protecting paper and ink in a publishing company. And it wasn’t until 1906 when the term air conditioning was coined by textile mill engineer Stuart Cramer.
  • The first residential air conditioning system was installed in 1914. It was 7 ft. high, 6 ft. wide, and 20 ft. long
  • The first single-room air conditioner was invented in1931 by H.H. Schultz and J.Q. Sherman. It sat on the ledge of a window, but was very expensive.
  • Most people experienced artificially cooled air for the first time in movie theatres. In fact, “Refrigerated Air” was often a highlighted in theatre advertisements, in hopes of enticing ticket payers who were seeking solace from the heat.
  • Air conditioning became something of a status symbol after World War II. Window units were so popular, over one million units were sold in 1953.


You have this, in ALL our rooms, with the option of cool air or heat for those colder nights. We feel a basic necessity for any hotel room.


More facts..

  • Layering your bed with blankets, helps the natural insulation and retention of body heat. Keeping you warm using your own heat.
  • Thicker heavier blankets are commonly used instead of 2-3 additional blankets.
  • Our blankets are all The Belfiore Finesse blankets, manufactured from the finest acrylic yarns, finished with the luxurious “Panther Fur” touch that is characterised by its soft fur hand.

All our rooms are equipped with an extra thick extra warm blanket in the wardrobe for your use. These blankets are dry cleaned after every use so you know you are safe and warm at the same time.

In-room coffee stations

All our rooms are fully equipped with an in-room coffee station, your choice of Nescafe coffee (also in decafe) or select from our range of exclusive Lipton tea range.

These are placed in your room so you don’t have to leave the room for a cuppa if it’s chilly in the morning,


we are very proud to boast with our Jura automated coffee machine located in the dining area with a wide selection of freshly ground coffee options. Ranging from expresso to Flat white and our all-time favourite the cappuccino of course.

These are some of the offerings we have to help you stay warm during your winter travels.

Well that’s it for this week’s blog, remember to come back next week for our piece on what to expect weather-wise in the Free State.

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