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The START by Marzanne Nel

11 May

The START by Marzanne Nel

Not even “This won’t happen to us” came to mind, as a heart transplant was not even thought of. Anyway not for a seemingly healthy 35 year old, Hanru.

Being sick with the flu, going back and forth to his doctor and not recovering, his wife suggested he make an appointment with another doctor to have a fresh eye on his illness. The new doctor picked up a problem with his heart beat – heart failure wad diagnosed. After an emergency visit to the Cardiologist, Hanru was immediately submitted to Cardio ICU at Medi Clinic Bloemfontein with only 16% heart functionality.

The news where not good and initially there were not a lot of hope. The Organ Donor Foundation were contacted and he was placed on the Organ Receiver List. He recovered well enough to be discharged from hospital with medication and strict instructions to rest.

A visit to the Milpark Heart Transplant Unit, meeting the Transplant Team (Cardiologist, Co-Ordinator, Psychiatrist, etc), a lot of tests, a lot of info given and received, a lot of emotions and decisions later, Hanru was placed on more medication and send home… to wait for a new heart.

Hanru did well with the medication and it came to a point where he was taken from the Transplant Receiver List. Thank God! Unfortunately he was in a vehicle accident where he broken ribs & his knees. This injury took it’s toll on his heart, and in December 2018 the Cardiologist informed him that his heart is again failing.

On the 17th of January 2019 again we met with the Transplant Team at Milpark. The same tests, the same meetings and the same news, you will have to get a new heart. And the wait began again.

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